30 May, 2009

"GI Joe Resolute"

In order to fan of the flames of the of the new GI Joe Movie, be sure to check out "GI Joe Resolute". It was created in the anime style and premiered on the Cartoon Network's Adultswim. Here, you will see an awesome piece of work of one of our favorite characters, Snake Eyes. This is so cool in fact, that I propose they make an entire movie on this guy he's so cool. If you were a big fan of the weekday afternoon showings of the GI Joe animations on TV when you were a kid, you probably remembered that nobody every died. When planes got shot, everybody parachuted down. We appreciate the concern. In these clips however, don't expect any parachutes, because its pretty violent and, needless to say, well done.

And...for those of us who are aware, none would be complete without a fight against Stormshadow. If you are not up to date on the backstory between these guys, never fear, this second clip below will fill you in just fine. I've included both of these clips here for our viewing pleasure and inspiration, pay attention to the timing and compositions...enjoy and fire it up!

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