04 May, 2009

Thundercats Movie Trailer

This is a fanmade movie trailer for what "could be" the first Thundercats movie. This trailer is exceptional and simply awesome - especially if you are a long time fan of the animation. When you watch it, you'll see familiar actors playing the parts and while you are doing so, see if you can also identify the movies being used. This trailer has struck a chord with many of my animation and visual effects students...I think you will like it as well. Great job guys!

BTW, feel free to make the entire movie in this fashion, you got lots of guys who are encouraging you over here.

Thundercats HO!

1 comment:

  1. I TOTALLY WOULD LOVE THAT MOVIE TO BE REAL!!! Awesome Job totally awesome job someone find this crew a directors chair and hook us up with this movie. PLEASE