25 November, 2014

Living Lines Library

Sorry for the delay, started a new job in designing and animating casino games. I will continue to post relative and inspiring posts about animation, concept art, user design and experience on this blog for inspiration. Thanks to all for following.

When you get a chance, check this website out. It features hundreds and hundreds of pencil tests from the animated movies that we love. We found it easy to get lost in the work, its absolutely marvelous. It also features documentaries and production artwork from the last fifty years.


All we need to make this better, is a way for Youtube viewers to step an animation so we can view a piece frame by frame. I know there are some plugins that exist, that add the controls via your browswer, but the controls I've seen are inconsistent and don't always appear in the ui.

Definitely check it out.


Below is an example from Glen Keane's found on the site.


Glen Keane - rough penciltest - BEAST from LXP on Vimeo.

Fire It Up! Randolf

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