01 February, 2011

My Top 10 Superbowl Ads from 2010

Here are my Top 10 Superbowl commercials 2010. I chose them based out on shear entertainment / giggle value... the ones I keep watching over and over again. Seriously, just watch these so you can be the educated one at the water tank at work. It'll be a great 10 minute investment of time to get you prepared for the day. Once again, the Bud Light ads score on the top of the list, and to my students, be prepared for a pop quiz in the morning.

Here we go....Let's start things off right...at number 10...

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"Asteroid" - Bud Light: Very clever, great idea and funny.

"Casual Fridays" - Careerbuilder.com: This is borderline gross! I love it.

"Sleepwalker" - Coke: Traditionally, they rank high on the list... hmm, not this year though. Of the two ads (the other starring "The Simpsons"), I like this Coke ad the best. Well executed and thoughtful. Here's to "Open Happiness".

"Honda Accord" : This made it on the list for its visual presentation, and its unique use of CG.

"Dove for Men" - Dove: Great idea. Well executed, timed right and funny. To all the Daddys out there, this commercial is spot on and dedicated to you.

"You're Not You When You're Hungry" - Snickers:

"Stranded" - Bud Light: I think this is genius. Let's see if we can keep "Lost" going, even though I got "lost" after Season 2.

"Voice Box" - Bud Light: Very reminiscent of the "Wazzap" ads from back in the day. Anyone remember how many versions they created. Superfriends anyone? Anyone? This is going to be a classic folks.

"Bridge" - Budweiser: Simple, well executed and elegant. Thanks Bud and Bud Ad Agency for making such an outstanding award winning piece. I will enjoy this for many generations to come.

So which commercials make up your Top 10 for 2010?

Thanks for reading. Open Happiness to Everyone!


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