01 September, 2009

Dean Zulich: Photography Website

Today, we were visited by former Art Institute of Seattle graduate Dean Zulich. A native of Bosnia and Herzogovina, Dean is a commercial photographer focusing on conceptual fashion, advertisement and celebrity photography and is most famous for his success as the runner up on Vh1 reality television show "The Shot".

In a short amount of time, Dean garnered success from his engaging photography. His compositions and subject matter are interesting and thoughtful, and we were very fortunate to have him share his road to success with us. His talk was quite inspiring.

What struck me about his talk today, was his feeling on the importance of continuing personal projects. Doing this "keeps the fire alive" and its what keeps him going, and he said that, I realized how much I missed that feeling, and will be putting together a personal project soon. Doing personal projects is an easy way to enhance your demo reel and or digital portfolio. Viewers will be able to sense your enjoyment in personal projects and they usually get more attention.

To learn more about Dean, visit his website, http://www.deanzulich.com His website is nice and clean and features his different portfolios (books).

Hey Dean, thanks again for your visit, for sharing and for inspiring. Keep up the outstanding work and best of luck in all you do.

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  1. Many thanks for the write-up Randolf.
    I have to say that the website is my main vehicle of the advertisement and marketing. I get multiple hits daily from all over the world, and the key is to display my photography without many distractions, in a clean, simple yet stylish way. I have to say that I am very happy with the LiveBooks, and I do highly recommend their services; they have an excellent deal for students as well.
    Many thanks once again, and feel free to drop me a note any time,

  2. Thank you for your openness, and in sharing your experience and advice. Best of luck in all you do and continue the great work.