15 July, 2009

VJ Robson Victor: Demo Reel

One in a while, I'll browse through various video sites to check out the latest and greatest of demo reels. This one, by VJ Robson caught my eye initially because of the Wolverine image before it plays.

What a nice surprise. When I saw his reel, I was immediately impressed. He's got a good sense of design, color, layout and knows how to animate elements in a way that is engaging. He's got great timing and shows a lot of variety in his work. I think VJ has been around. The students in my classes are often very expert in drawing, painting and are very good at creating vector style graphics, but need to see more examples of how movement can make their pieces better. This demo reel is a great example of that and its a trait that comes with years of observation, practice and taking risks.

Hey VJ, well done. Thanks for inspiring us. If you happen to see this post, feel free to post a response and by all means, keep up the awesomeness!

Fire it up!



  1. HI, tank you very much for your post. let me tell a little about the design and layout of these works. The material I collected for this reel are from 2005,2006,2007,2008 and 2009 . So I worked with 3 designers and art directors that teach me a lot with their good sense of layout and design.
    50% of design and layout of my demoreel are from them. And I want tell their names, Omar Sabbag , Ian Sampaio and Caio Sartori. Without these guys I never was a complete animator. Tanx for you guys ! :) My respect.

  2. Hey Robson - Thanks for mentioning the others who helped you along. Still, its a nice piece and something to be proud of. Thanks for posting and best of luck in all you do.