10 July, 2009

Michael Jackson's Arcade: Virtual Tour & Scavenger Hunt

Like many people, I too grew up to Michael Jackson's music, was enamored by his lifestyle and like many, am saddened to experience his loss. There really is nobody who can measure up to his singing, dancing, versatility and shear creativity. I think about all the times growing up I would watch his videos and listen to his music, everything had universal appeal and I found myself listening to him over and over again. He spanned many generations, but the Michael I am most fond of was the "Off the Wall" era, and right before that, the twenty year old Jackson 5's, sporting the big afros, heels and disco beats. That was an awesome time, and although its very sad to see him go, its been a joy exploring and revisiting all of the Jackson music again.

Today, we came across a virtual tour of Michael Jackson's famous arcade. Growing up, we always heard about it and its nice to be able to finally check it out. Exploring the arcade, for me, became an nostalgic look at many of the arcade structures I grew up with, like Karate Champ and the Terminator 2 pinball machine. See you if you can find these in his arcade.

While you are at it, see if you can also locate the following "old skool" items as well. A life size Boba Fett figure, Superman and Batman figure, the stand up Karate Champ arcade game, lifesize Spiderman, Lego Darth Vader, C3P0 and ET the Extra Terrestrial (Remember when Michael recorded a song and narrated the story for a ET children's book)?

The navigation to the arcade is at the bottom of the screen, but is a bit quirky. You'll notice that the camera moves on it its own and is a bit hard to control. Just use the arrows at the bottom of the screen and you'll be okay. Once you get used to it however, it's lots of fun.


Click here to check it out.

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