20 October, 2008

Are These Nuts Moving? - An Optical Illusion

As visual effects people, animators, painters and artists, we are very keen with what the eyes see, sometimes our eyes will do things naturally that are just, well....plain weird. 

Check out this static image, would anyone care to articulate what's happening here? Does it look like its moving? 

Its too early in the day, and I haven't had anything to drink to elicit anything to move (I don't think). The image is moving right now as I create this post. Would you consider this animation?

Don't stare at it too long though, you might get sick, try showing it to the person next to you, I'll guarantee you'll start up an interesting conversation as some people I have found can see any movement whatsoever.

Thanks Mark, for the image!


  1. I've seen similar images before, I believe they are used to test people for their propensity for insanity and stress.

  2. Hello, I'am George. Visit my website, if you want to see New Optical Illusion. Thank you and have a great day.

  3. HI George,

    Thanks for the link. There are lots of great optical illusions on that first page. My eyes hurt :-)