26 August, 2008

Laugh Yoga : Laughter is the Best Medicine

This week, in the Acting and Movement class, a new class I'm teaching this quarter for the animation students, we experienced Laugh Yoga.  In essence, you do exercises as a group to induce laughter. At first the laughter is fake, but in a group, where everyone is doing it, and you make eye contact with person next to you, you can't help but get all giddy and giggly. Eventually, a real laugh arises and that's the goal. Laughing reduces stress, and increases hormone levels that promote relaxation. Its all good. 

The first clip is from a foreign TV show where the host can't stop laughing at his guests, I crack up every time I watch it, and so I'm posting here every time I need a good laugh. Its always more funny when you are laughing in a situation where it is rude or inappropriate to laugh.

And the second clip is a documentary by John Cleese on Laugh Yoga that was featured on the BBC. Keep laughing, stay positive and be healthy. 

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