23 August, 2008

Adding Music To Your Demo Reel

When putting together a demo reel, one often asks if I should put music on it. Of course you should, however be sure the song does not distract from the work, and that its a soundtrack that adds to the overall mood of your reel. Many times, recruiters will turn the sound off, which is fine, they see lots of demo reels throughout the day, and with the music turned off, they can focus on the actual work, and not have the music be a distraction. 

More often than not however, it is best to have music. I've been in portfolio reviews where the person has no music at all, and the demo reel is a drag to view, and it gives the illusion that its too long. Do do yourself a favor by picking a song that you like, which compliments your work.


Having said that, I wanted to post these visual effects because their choice of music is unique. They are good examples of musical contrast, the soundtrack does not necessarily match the mood of the images being displayed, but changes it to make for an interesting presentation. 

Check these reels out to see what I mean. Not only do they present an interesting unique soundtrack, but also, excellent professional CG work.  Their music selection for the most part is fun, and gives the work a lighthearted lift. Enjoy!

Other things to remember is the pacing of your music. Some songs pick up in tempo, make sure the tempo picks up sooner than later, and see if you can time your editing to the beat of the music, making sure you leave enough time for us to view the clip.

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