04 March, 2008

Week 9 :: Leg Checkup

Last Thursday, I had a 9 week checkup on my leg. It has been 9 weeks since the surgery and 5 weeks since the doctor removed my cast. When the cast was removed, I noticed that the area was stiff, specifically the heel area and the front of my ankle. On a weekly basis and daily basis, I could slowly feel the flexibility return, but it still isn't one hundred percent. Returning to work was tough, my energy wasn't as high as I would like and I look forward to being able to workout. I'm thinking about going to the gym and to workout my upper body.

Last week, I stood on both feet for the first time without crutches and pain. This felt great. I could also sleep properly as my leg is not affected by a simple blanket laying on top of it. Last week, I was also able to wear a shoe, and noticed the support it provided.

I still still use my crutches while walking, but this time with both feet on the floor. The leg seems to have great support, but I don't have the heel toe roll just yet to be able to walk normally. So, on a daily basis, I do three sets of thirty reps of calf raises and toe raises to help strengthen my leg and to get my heel toe movement back.

My foot is still swollen and its still a different color, but its not as bad as it was about a month ago. I have a tingling in my big toe, not sure what that's all about, and sometimes my knee feels week. The doctor said that its due to the plate in my leg and that it could be touching the nerves that affect these areas. I'm worried about the knee, and that it didn't tear during the accident - I just remember seeing my leg kinda weird that's all. I'll wait and see how the area feels as the weeks go by.

So, 9 weeks after the surgery, and 2 months since the accident, I can now put weight on both legs, and I can walk easily with the help of crutches for support. I'm still not off the crutches, but I can now start to slowly add more weight to the leg, keeping in mind that I have to do this slowly, I would hate to injure the area again from impatience. As far as physical therapy goes, the doctor saw the range of movement in my foot and he said that I was doing great. He said if I kept doing what I was doing, that I wouldn't need physical therapy. I see him again in about 4 weeks.

Today, I took 4 steps without crutches. I'm thankful for the doctor and his staff and everyone's support, I would not have been able to do it without you. I'm also thankful for calcium pills, if you look at the xray above, and compare it to the previous x-rays, you'll see the bones beginning to fill in.

So here's to a great year and to stronger leg. I'll post another update in about four weeks.

Lesson in all of this, besides being careful, is to enjoy life, slow down, appreciate what you have and do your best to stay positive. In times when things aren't going your way, get support and advice from people who love and care for you and take time out for yourself. What does this mean, it means you do something that you love, something that recharges your batteries. For me, its a great movie, hugging my kids and (this is funny) seeing how much money those Google Adsense ads bring in. The Adsense money is not that much, but its pays for coffee (caffeine, by the way, isn't good for bone healing).

When I broke my leg, I found it encouraging to read other people's accounts of their leg accident and their recovery and so I hope this helps you out too.


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