10 March, 2008

Flash Animatic Tutorial

In Storyboarding class, there were many requests for me to create a video tutorial that demonstrates how to create a storyboard animatic in Flash. So, here you go. The tutorial covers setup, importing images into the library, organizational tips, hotkeys and publishing.

You can access the tutorial by clicking the image to the right or by clicking here.

The tutorial is my first and is essential for the way I teach. I don't like that in the past, I would demo software essential for an assignment, and there are no computers in front of students. It isn't the most beneficial in regards to remembering things, and forget about it if the student chose not to take notes. They're just not going to remember. Creating a video tutorial in this fashion, makes it easier for them to access the tutorial while in front of the computer.

I hope to make more as the quarters progress.


  1. Hi Randolf, I just viewed your tutorial and it was very helpful.

  2. Hey tank you very much! This is exactly what I was Looking for!