15 March, 2013

Silent Hill: Opening Title Sequence Featurette

I saw this featurette and immediately thought of the many students who I come across who love drawing, painting and conceptual development, but shy away from 3D. I know very well that you are familiar with this opening title sequence and admire it and so do I. We appreciate the tone it has, the use of lighting, cameras, character development, and the excellent execution to achieve the unsettled feeling for the viewer. None of this happens without the initial drawings created from the storyboard, it would be too difficult to plan and approve otherwise. This featurette walks one through the many storyboards to achieve this idea, but most importantly, pay close attention to when they show your Maya viewports. The models are simple, but what makes this sing is the work done in the lighting and camera. Its a piece that I believe most of you can pull off in my classes, I've seen it. All you have to do is to commit to the vision you have and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Hope this featurette inspires you. Fire it up!

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