08 March, 2011

Animation Breakdown: 11 Sec. Club Entry

Marcus Tee is an animator coming from Malaysia. We are happy that he posted his animation process in this entry to the 11 Second Club Animation Contest. Pay close attention to how he's breaking everything down, like his key poses, timing, then breaking down the movement to his extremes and refinement. His process is below, its pretty nice, simple and easy to follow.

  1. Rough Thumbs (Posing and Preplanning)
  2. Key Poses - General Blockin (Stepped)
  3. Extremes - Anticipation and followthrough keyframes
  4. In Betweening - 1st round of refinement (Spline)
  5. Hand and wrist animation
  6. Face and Lip Sync Animation
  7. Polishing (Curve Smoothing)
  8. Tie Animation (2ndary Motion and Overlapping Animation)

Be sure to check out his site here >>

And of course his demo reel...

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