21 September, 2010

Shrunkenheadman 15 Year Reunion

Just recently, I had the pleasure of attending the 15 year reunion for the Shrunkenheadman Illustration/Animation Club of San Jose State University. The first night, a formal dinner and retrospective presentation was held at the Corinthian Event Center, and day 2, was held on campus. Current students attended the second day and it was great to meet them and to reconnect with old friends and colleagues. To this day, I'm proud to have been part of that club. The training, work ethic and the notion of helping each other continues to fuel me today. I'm posting the pictures from my tour for inspiration.

Keep up the great work guys, and fire it up!
Visit the Animation/Illustration Shrunkenheadman Club website here >>

Let's start by showing you where our famous logo came from...

and a shot from the formal event Saturday night, 500 Shrunkenheads in one room - lots of fun.

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  1. So so good.. wish i was there to see their art work :)

    thank you for everything Randolf.