15 March, 2010

"Predators": Sneak Peak

"Predators" opens July 2010, will be directed by Robert Rodriguez and stars Laurence Fishburne. Looks pretty cool, we have new Predator and creature designs.


  1. Whao, this is so different and strange. I don't know as a "fan" of the books and games (and first movie) if I should like the changes done here in terms of the realm of these creatures or not.
    I do like how the classical predator is sort of redesigned. I don't think I'm too fond of the new creature design for something built up from this world. I mean, my fandom used to go as far as learning the anatomy of the predator, as well as their evolution as a species, their diet, culture, etc, so it feels bizarre and unexpected.

    It feels driven away from the comics/books, but it seems inspired by some of the ideas presented in them. I'll anticipate the film with an open mind regardless even as "another" monster movie, which seems to be what Rodriguez is after. As long as the film just isn't bad, all is well. I do have high expectations for the suspense and action sequences.
    Thanks much for the post!

  2. this looks awesome. I want to get to do stuff like this when I graduate or even sooner!