12 August, 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Preview

SIGGRAPH 2009 took place in New Orleans and is considered to be the Mecca for CG Animation of all styles and Visual Effects. If you are in the industry or have dreams of someday rubbing elbows with professionals in the industry, then this place is where you need to be. Next year, it will be in Southern California, it may be a few hours drive for some of you near the coast, but its worth it. The following year, it traditionally goes to the East Coast.

For those of you who attended, it is an awesome experience is it no? This clip features the previews of pieces featured at SIGGRAPH's annual Computer Animation Competition where animations from the best and brightest, including ones from the large studios like Dreamworks, Blue Sky and Pixar come to share what they've been working on the past year.

Hopefully the clip inspires you to attend and its also an excellent place to get feedback on your work.

Keep animating and Fire It Up!

- Randolf

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  1. I went to SIGGRAPH 08 but this year was alittle too far, 08 was AMAZING tho. Next year is back in LA so I'll go again.