08 January, 2009

Video Tutorial: How to Add "Embed" Video Code to an HMTL Image

Happy New Year Everyone....

I just created this as I know it will help most of you trying to place a video on to your HTML image...Lots of questions arise in class about how to insert the "embed" video code on to a static image in HTML. This tutorial shows you how to place an embed video code from sites like Youtube and Vimeo, and shows how to place the code on to an HTML image.

The tutorial covers how to slice an image in Photoshop, combine slices, generating an HTML page in Photoshop, and how to use an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, to insert the "embed" video code.

I hope it helps you out. You can check out the video tutorial by clicking the link below.

>> Adding Embed Video Code to an HTML image >>