30 July, 2008

The Dark Knight : Movie Review

Great movie guys! If you haven't gone yet, go see it soon. I recommend seeing it IMAX if its offered in your area. Below is a quick featurette about the IMAX processes used in the film. Its not easy, the camera is heavier, cumbersome and there's quite a bit of additional set up,  but in the end, YOU (the audience), get exciting, one of a kind action sequences. 

Overall, the acting was great, great timing and build up, nice twists throughout and its got some some pretty awesome stunt/action sequences, (my favorite part). I think the hand to hand combat could've been better, but that's because I'm into that stuff. Does anyone else notice the drastic voice change when Bruce changes to Batman? Sounds like the suit is choking him. 

As far as Heath Ledger goes...bravo, well done! His portrayal of Joker is dark, unpredictable, and creepy. His portrayal is actually a lot tougher than previous Jokers, the disappearing pencil trick was nice right? Go see the film everyone. 

If you are visual effects student, check out the documentary below.

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